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Celebrate Panda Cares Day with Panda Express on August 8 and help Arkansas Children’s

The Panda Express team delivers Orange Chicken and Fried Rice Bowls to #healthcareheroes at Arkansas Children’s Northwest on Friday, July 10, 2020. Two hundred and fifty team members enjoyed this special celebration provided by Panda Express.

Arkansas Children’s is excited to celebrate Panda Cares Day on August 8. Why? Because Panda Express is hosting a one-day virtual fundraiser for area kids treated at Arkansas Children’s!

August 5-8, place your order on the Panda Express mobile app or the Panda Express website at using the promo code “PandaCaresDay,” and Panda Express will donate 28 percent of online sales to Arkansas Children’s.

Donations collected year round at local Panda Express locations help kids like 10-year-old Abigail Lewis of Bentonville. Abigail and her little brother, 4-year-old Kendryck, fought cancer at Arkansas Children’s at the same time. Abigail visited with the TAILS therapy dogs many times in the hospital playroom during her treatment, and she was able to keep up with her schoolwork with the help of certified teachers through the hospital school program.

Abigail’s mom Alyssa is so grateful for the many services Abigail received through the Child Life and Education Department at Arkansas Children’s: “All the TAILS dogs have their own little baseball-type cards, and Abigail collected a card from every single dog. We have dogs at home, and they’re such an important part of our family. While she was in the hospital, the sweet TAILS dogs helped make her feel less lonely and a little bit more at home.”

Since 2015, Panda Express has donated $329,322.97 to Arkansas Children’s. These funds help kids in our community by transforming how we meet the most urgent needs, save more lives and protect our collective future. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Panda Express has donated over 18,000 masks to keep our frontline heroes safe. In addition, Panda Express provided 250 meals for our healthcare heroes.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 8. Because of Panda Cares Day, every online order of your favorite Panda Express meal will help Arkansas Children’s champion children by making them better today and healthier tomorrow.

And don’t forget, on August 5-8, visit or the Panda Express mobile app to place your order. Be sure to use the promo code “PandaCaresDay” to donate 28 percent of your order to help deliver kid-savvy, life-saving care to kids at Arkansas Children’s.