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Thank You Extra Life Gamers!

Lauren Reynolds has an extraordinary heart. In fact, she’s had three hearts, thanks to her team at Arkansas Children’s. In her young life, the Sheridan teen has undergone five open-heart surgeries—including two heart transplants—and 24 cardiac catheterizations, or “heart caths.”

“Before Lauren, we never thought about the need for a heart center for children,” says Jeannie Reynolds, Lauren’s mother. “We never dreamed of it. Until you’ve been there, you don’t think about it…… It is impossible to know the impact Arkansas Children’s can have on a child’s life unless you’ve lived it,” says Jeannie. “But the things the doctors and nurses do every day—it’s unparalleled to anybody.”

On behalf of Arkansas Children’s, Lauren wants to thank each of you Extra Life gamers, and for the impact that each of you makes when you raise money for Arkansas Children’s.  Because of you, patients like Lauren can continue to receive life-saving care at Arkansas Children’s.  Thanks so much to each of our Extra Life gamers for being champions of children, now more than ever!